comparison is the thief of joy- and friendship

Friends and family are one of life’s greatest blessings. They bring variety and excitement to life that otherwise would not exist. They ground us, build us, sometimes break us, and mold us into who we are, the attitudes we inhabit, and the perspective in which we view our circumstances.

This year, I have watched those close to me win and lose, exceed goals, and give up on dreams. I have seen broken hearts, mended spirits, and bittersweet tears. More surprisingly, I have witnessed much jealously exchanged amongst people who supposedly love each other.
It is amazing how hardened we can become towards our own friends and family sometimes. It is not always fun to take the backseat to someone else’s exciting news. It is emotionally exhausting to live in constant comparison to someone else who in your mind you could never measure up to.
When we use our energy to live a life of constant comparison, we are missing the point of true friendship.
Actively support your friends. Listen to their ideas and offer feedback. Be their biggest cheerleader. Celebrate their victories and be there to dry their tears when needed.
If you choose to sit in the corner and belittle their successes, don’t expect them to celebrate yours.


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