built-in friends 

Hey, I’ll pick you up at 6.
Yeah I’m wearing a t-shirt and norts, no makeup.
Don’t forget a chair. I’ve got cash.

No longer a little girl but a teenager, soon to be high schooler, gets in the car and goes with her big cousin to see The Embers and Craig Woolard.
She laughs at my singing, dances with me, shares my love for a classic Arnold, and never stops smiling.
I am amazed by her maturity, perception of life, and taste in music. She has a good Mama. She knows almost as many of the oldies as I do. That’s a lot.
Sometimes I slow down enough to take in what is going on around me. This was one of those moments. The girl who was once my favorite baby to hold has grown up and is quickly becoming one of my best friends.
We all have a love/hate relationship with “growing up.” That “growing” part can be difficult sometimes but oh how sweet the reward.

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