Tear Your Heart

Many times, I catch myself changing only my outward appearance and leaving my heart behind.

My google calendar has been organized for weeks. By clicking on a single link, I have access to my schedule each day, down to the minute. Impressive, right? I love my plans so much that when other things bump into my color coded routine, I often respond negatively.

This week, I had one of those moments.

I rationalized with myself that God must love organization. I am doing Him a favor by trying to educate everyone else with my system.

Then, God put Joel 2:13 on my path. Through Joel’s words, we not only see a call to repentance but the character of God.

When we do not “tear our hearts” from our sin we cannot fully receive the faithful love of God in our lives. Even though I was masking my intentions by my faithful routine and good works, my heart’s selfish desires kept me from true repentance and obedience.

Instead of being eager to see God in the new opportunity he had given me, I was trying to put Him in certain blocks of my schedule. The outward appearance looked great- I am doing this and this for God. I serve here. I organize this. I’m planning this. I had “torn my clothes” for the world to see but forgot my heart.

What is in your life that is keeping you from going beyond the outer appearance to solve some serious heart issues by true repentance? What has become more important to you than experiencing God’s gracious and compassionate spirit?

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