The Power of a Kingdom Perspective

Sometimes I forget that I have not been simply thrown into my present circumstances but strategically placed where I am. Even with a high calling to pursue a divine purpose for Christ, we often become sidetracked by our daily obligations, commitments, and relationships. Instead of seeking to serve Christ through those things, we become overwhelmed with the happenings of the world and underwhelmed in our pursuit of God. This week, I found myself running in circles trying to get everything checked off my to-do list. My frantic state of mind eventually began to pour into other sections of my life. I became impatient and ill-tempered. When we let the conflict and chaos around us become bigger in our minds than Christ, we can miss the lessons He wants to teach us through these busy seasons of life.

May we learn to truly embody Hebrews 12:2-3.

Lord, in ALL that overwhelms me, help me to see you working in my life. May these difficult and busy days be an opportunity for me to learn how faithful you are in the midst of my chaos. Give me a greater desire this week to set aside time to study your word and trust that you will reveal to me what you long to teach me through my current challenges. Your perfect plan and provision amaze me. I have great confidence that You are preparing me in every moment for what You have specifically designed me to do for Your Kingdom. Help me to make an extra effort to see You in the work that keeps stacking up, the deadlines that come more quickly than I thought, and the interactions with others that challenge my gentleness and self control. I need you, Lord. Amen.





2 thoughts on “The Power of a Kingdom Perspective

  1. Haley, I found you on Twitter this morning and just wanted to stop by and visit. I loved this post! I write about prayer and overcoming perfectionism so I can totally relate to your theme of “imperfectly planned.” I love that!! The passage you mentioned here is my favorite, too, and also the one I chose for the theme verse over at my blog. I’m so happy to meet you and love that you are writing for HIM!!! What you are doing will be a huge blessing to others!

    • Leslie, it is wonderful to meet you. Thank you for your encouraging words. I jut started the Twitter last week. Glad you found me! I will check out your blog for sure. This passage has always been one of my favorites. I love talking to other writers! Let’s keep in touch. Thank you for reaching out!!

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