When God says no..

Disappointment follows me (aka Satan). Not even kidding.

I was so excited to be going indoor skydiving today only to find out that it is not an activity permitted for those with previous shoulder dislocations or surgeries (aka HKY). Many moments of my life have been overshadowed by the looming effects of my injury. I have learned to accept that no one will understand the pain, fear, and disappointments that come as a package deal. Nonetheless, I am grateful for the many things I can do.

I won’t lie, I was frustrated with God for allowing some stupid accident to happen to me that has cost me a lot of fun the past 3 years.

I think life can be a lot like my situation today.

We make plans, dream dreams, and work tirelessly to achieve that one thing we think will fulfill us but never does. Sometimes God says no, and sometimes we are able to persist but nonetheless, things don’t go as planned.

When God says no, maybe instead of using our energy to mope or feel sorry for ourselves, we should embrace the opportunities He has placed in our laps that we CAN do.

{Seeking God’s will can be challenging or uncomfortable but that doesn’t mean we are overlooked by Him.} #divinepurpose #divineplan #imperfectlyplanned #perspective

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