on the road again

It was really cold that day but none of us seemed to care. This wasn’t the first time I got to go on a super fun adventure thanks to my dear friend, Bailey. Bailey has sung all over NC. I jump at the chance to support her each and every time. Why? Why would I give up my day to go wherever she is performing & lose my “me time” I would have had at home that day?

In today’s society, it is very common to see self-centeredness. So often, we don’t even recognize it. We easily overlook those that love us because it’s easier for us to stay home or not return the phone call. Don’t get me wrong, it is impossible to go to every single event, accept every dinner invitation, and return phone calls everyday. However- it is not impossible to love well even when we are hard-pressed for time.

When is the last time you sent a text or email to a close friend to remind them you care about them?

When is the last time you made an effort to put supporting someone else over your “me time”?

When is the last time you sat down and exchanged meaningful conversation with a close friend?

I am so bad at these things it’s not even funny. I’m a work in progress. I encourage you to be one with me. What small way can you show your love & support for a friend this week??

{perks of having talented friends: @durhambulls took great care of us. We had awesome seats & I’ll take another hot dog anytime.}

#intentionalbyimperfplanned #imperfectlyplanned #durhambulls #springtraining

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