2 easy steps to encouraging your people

Flashback to when I was convinced I would fail Spanish and have to take it AGAIN and I found this sweet note of encouragement on my desk along with some m&ms a few hours before my midterm. Y’all. This is what I’m talking about when I say take time to encourage your people. It probably took Mbug less than 5 minutes to do this but it made a big impact on my day.

Here’s two steps to successfully encouraging a friend and building them up in JESUS:

1) Make it personal. Write a note, buy their favorite candy bar, take 3 minutes to call them, ect.

2) Lead them to the ROCK that is HIGHER than you or me. Lead them to Jesus!! Share your favorite bible verse or a simple, short quote like Miranda did that will force them to remember how big our God is even in the tough, messy situations.

Y’all, it’s so easy! I’m making it a personal goal to do something similar to what Miranda did for me at least once a week for my peeps. Who’s joining me???


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