depending on the grace of God; part one

Depending on the grace of God and finding my worth solely in Him has always been a challenge for me. From a very young age, I battled the effects of being determined to succeed in MY plan by MY strength. I still wrestle with showing God I don’t need grace by reminding myself of areas in my life in which I consider myself an overachiever by nature.

I am the best daughter. I am an awesome granddaughter. I take pride in both of these areas of my life. Neither one is sinful in itself- in fact, I am commanded by God to honor my parents. But why?? I am called to be a wonderful daughter and granddaughter for the purpose of furthering God’s Kingdom. Not my own.

My point in sharing this is to confirm how incredibly easy it is to live a life based on ME rather than HE. After you label yourself as an overachiever in any area of your life, it is really easy to find your identity in what you are overachieving in rather than in Christ.

The Gospel clearly states this is sin. As Christians, we are called to replace ourselves piece by piece with the character of Jesus. Only in full surrender do we live by God’s grace. However, I am not dismissed by God when I make a mistake. He made it possible through the gift of His son for me to live a purposeful, grace-filled life despite my sinful nature.

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