I’d ask my Granny- she was very wise.

I’ll ask my grandmother. She is very wise.

What year did Jackson Brothers open?

Let me just tell you what happened today.

How much butter do you normally use?

Do you think he’d make a good husband?

You need to have a talk with her. I think she’s going silly.

How are we related to him again? Are you sure..

Who is in this picture? Where was it taken?

How old were you when..

I’ll ask my grandmother. She is very wise.

I would ask my grandmother. She’d know the answer. She knew everything. She knew everyone. She knew how to straighten everyone up, too. She always said I would be a good writer. We talked about writing a book together. She would have taught me so many things about history and those that create it.

I am left with many memories and lots of pages filled with her handwriting. I have learned about walking with Jesus, baking pound cake, passionately praying for those on mission, and speaking boldly. I have read sermon notes, tips on getting along with difficult people, and grocery lists. Some may see random pages, notepads, bibles, and cookbooks but I see a cracked window into the life of my grandmother whom I can no longer call.

Do you talk to your grandmother? Do you copy down her recipes or ask for tips on running a household? Do you take time to notice the little routines she has perfected through the years? I would love to know how my grandmother managed to keep her life together AND be so involved with ministry. She was brilliant.

I am grateful for what I have but I’d give anything for her to answer the phone tonight. If you are lucky enough to have a grandparent or parent who can answer today, lay your agenda to the side and appreciate their wisdom and presence in your life.

Granny, I loved my time on earth with you. See you on the streets of gold real soon.

In loving memory of Dorothy Tillman Yow; gone incredibly too soon.


This picture is a favorite of mine. My grandmother lives today in the life of my father. Kindred spirits. Wonderful, true servants of Christ. My heart explodes each time I see their faces.

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