God, is that you?

I so enjoy seeing God’s fingerprints across my calling to ministry to work with young women desiring to walk Biblically. Tonight I received a message from a dear sister in Christ. She simply stated, “I feel like asking, God are you really listening?”

I have asked that a few times in my own prayer life… and felt bad about it. As my heart burns with a deep desire to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with my God, it seems insulting to let the thought cross my mind that I might need to jump back into the driver’s seat of my life and let Jesus take a break for a few miles.

This is why it is CRUCIAL to know scripture. When Satan’s schemes appear in your life as ugly emotions, ungodly relationships, health difficulties, addiction, or fear, it is then that we must be prepared to walk confidently in the truth of the Word of God.

In this particular moment of my friend sharing her raw emotions, I was reminded of John’s doubts while in prison. In Matthew 11:3, John asked if Jesus was really “The One who is to come?” Note, John had already baptized Jesus even though he felt he was “unworthy to touch His sandals.” John knew who Christ was. He baptized Him in the name of His Father. Lastly, v. 2, John had heard what Christ was doing while he was sitting in prison. How often do you hear of Christ working boldly in someone else’s life and you wonder, “Ok, Jesus. When’s my turn?” Wow- that is a whole other lesson.

Anyways, Jesus never rebuked John for asking. For wondering. For maybe even fearing a little..

Jesus will not rebuke us in the moments of life when we just can’t seem to grasp what He is doing.

When our hearts are burdened and we can’t seem to release what we know He can hold, instead of bashing ourselves, we should reflect on the life of John.

John found himself in prison for preaching the Gospel of Jesus, fulfilling the prophacy that he would be the forerunner of Christ. He did not stay caught up in his doubt-He continued to love like the author of love. He found faith in our awesome God to be all he needed. He lived a life of devoted ministry to Christ.

“Truly I tell you, among these born of women no one greater than John the Baptist has appeared..” (Matt. 11:11).

God strengthened John to fulfill his calling in this life. He will strengthen us, too.

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