Imperfectly Planned’s 2018 Focus:

{Intentional Living: Honoring HIM through our daily Bible study, routines, fitness regimen, and relationships.}

about the author:

Haley Katherine is a current student at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC. She is an English major with a 6-9 teaching license who plans to return to her hometown upon graduation. Haley has a passion for teaching sweet kiddos but looks forward to the day she can be a full-time writer.

She enjoys incorporating her love of writing with God’s word to share with her readers that our planners do not always align with God’s perfect timing and will for our lives.

from the author:

Even at a young age, I knew God set me apart to serve Him. I took ownership of my faith and understood the importance of living it out beyond the church pew. I grew in my knowledge and love for the Lord through the study of His word and by sitting under the Biblical instruction of my parents. In my teenage years, I sought to honor Christ with my decisions. I was far from perfect but I never doubted my salvation or God’s presence in my life.

Shortly before I turned 17, I was involved in an accident that cost me the use of my shoulder. Little did I know, in this time of living at a slower pace, I would see God like never before. The Lord put a passion in my heart for girls’ ministry. I started a bible study for middle and high school young ladies a few months after my injury. It was by this divine appointment with my Creator that I realized: without the storm, I would have missed a huge ministry opportunity He had for me. The Lord was faithful in this ministry and I still see fruit today. My huge mess of a shoulder became the wake-up call God used to draw me closer to Him and ultimately fostered my desire for teaching and ministry.  

God continues to grow me as I embark on a new adventure called “college.” I have had to adjust my schedule and expectations over the past 2 years which is difficult for my control-freak nature. I won’t even mention tackling two majors in 3 1/2 years. My life is drastically different than what I predicted a few years ago and I have learned to be ok with that. I see God’s fingerprints more each day as I am learning to lean on His promises. I am currently serving the Prince of Peace as a daughter, sister, granddaughter, writer, student, girls’ ministry leader, and as the church sound tech guru. I have fun with all of my roles in The Kingdom- especially the last one. When I become frustrated with God about the roles I am not yet fulfilling, I am reminded by His word that only through His divine plan and perfect timing are true joy and peace and by those messy moments, some of my best writing is born. I am amazed daily by the awesome, reckless love of Christ.

Imperfectly Planned is a gift from my Heavenly Father. I never thought my writing would make it past the coffee table in my living room. I am blown away by the support I have received from both friends and complete strangers since the launch of Imperfectly Planned. Imperfectly Planned has reached followers of Christ from North Carolina to California. God’s word via Imperfectly Planned’s pieces has been shared in various churches, college campuses, Bible study groups, retirement homes, and via social media. 

I am truly grateful for this avenue to share my heart for God’s word. It is my prayer before publishing each piece that He uses me to inspire you to draw nearer to Him each and every day.

in His service-


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